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This page details the German building tree.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Cost
T ui Ger bd house.png House +1 squad limit 50 wood
T ui Ger bd Well.png Well Reduces building destruction speed 50 wood
T ui Ger bd placeofcult.png Church Enables prayers 200 wood
T ui Ger dbd Tower.png Shooting tower Fixed defensive emplacement for your home town
T ui Ger bd barracks.png Barracks Allows recruitment of Cleaver Infantry and Panzer Spearmen 90 wood

10 iron

T ui Ger bd Archery.png Archery range Allows recruitment of German Archers and Crossbowmen. 50 wood
T ui Ger bd Stable.png Stables Allows recruitment of Panzer Cavalry 100 wood
T ui Ger bd blacksmith.png Blacksmith Unlocks upgrades, allows recruitment of ballista and catapult 50 wood
T ui Ger bd townhall.png Town hall Basic building, allows for constructing other buildings and tier upgrades
T ui Ger dbd Trap 02.png Muddy pit trap Immobilizes enemy units 25 wood
T ui Ger dbd Trap 01.png Spike pit trap Instantly kills enemy squad 50 wood