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German units are powerful and resilient, emphasizing a very strong economy to get top tier upgrades. When playing Germans, you will definitely want to get the Imperial Steel Supply tech, giving you very cheap armor upgrades for all German units.

List[edit | edit source]

Unit Building required Type Skills
Barracks Melee infantry
T ui Ger skill Frighten.png Frighten
Forces engaged enemy squad to retreat. Requires church.
T ui Ger skill HolyFury.png Holy Fury
Lowers engages squad defense.
Archery Ranged infantry
T ui Ger skill Awareness.png Awareness
Vision and attack range increased.
T ui Ger skill HoldTheLine.png Hold the Line
Increased attack, defense, accuracy, immobilized.
Barracks Melee infantry
T ui Ger skill Intimidation.png Intimidation
Reduces defense of a enemy squad and immobilizes it.
T ui Ger skill SpearWall 01.png Spear Wall
Reduces attack, increases frontal defense, can move.
Archery Ranged infantry
T ui Ger skill Chase.png Chase
Increased ranged defense and speed, reduced attack and melee defense.
T ui Ger skill PrayForVictory.png Victorious Spreed
Boosts morale of nearby allies.
Stable Melee cavalry
T ui Ger skill Fear.png Fear
Engaged enemy morale down.
T ui Ger skill SacrificialCraze.png Sacrificial Craze
Increases attack, damage, and morale, disables retreat.
Blacksmith Artillery
Blacksmith Artillery