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Prayers become available after constructing a religious building for each of the nations. Their effects are listed below:

List[edit | edit source]

Nations Icon Name Effects Cost
Anglo-Saxons T ui Ang tech PrayOrder 01.png Order Reduces recruitment costs and times 100 food

20 wood

20 iron

T ui Ang tech PreyLuck 01 01.png Luck Increases melee and ranged defense 50 wood

50 iron

T ui Ang tech PrayWelfare 01.png Welfare Increases resource income rates (Tier III) 50 food

50 wood

50 iron

T ui Ang tech PreyWisdom 01 01.png Wisdom Unimplemented

T ui Ger tech PrayForVictory 01.png

Victory Increases unit attack and defense
T ui Ger tech PrayForWelfare 01.png Welfare Increases income rates
T ui Ger tech PrayForFast 01.png Fast Reduces upkeep costs
T ui Ger tech PrayForMiracle 01.png Miracle Unimplemented
Slavs T ui Tech Sla PrayToPerun.png Perun Increases unit attack

T ui Tech Sla PrayToVeles.png

Veles Reduces recruitment costs

T ui Tech Sla PrayToMakosh.png

Makosh Reduces upkeep costs

T ui Vik tech PreyLoki 01 01.png

Loki Increases building burn-down rate 25 food

25 wood

25 iron

T ui Vik tech PreyOdin 01 01.png

Odin Increases unit attack 50 wood

50 iron

T ui Vik tech PreyThor 01 01.png

Thor Increases unit speeds 50 wood

T ui Vik tech PreyFreya 01 01.png

Freya Unimplemented