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Resources make the world go round! In this case, they're spent to create units and buildings that allow you to put the other players' holdings to the torch. Resources are generated primarily by villages scattered over the map, making controlling them a vital element of gameplay.

All income is expressed in units per minute. Divide by 60 to get your per-second amount.

Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Image Name Effect Strategic notes
T ui All Res Wood 01.png Wood Used to recruit units, erect buildings, and make upgrades.
T ui All Res Iron 01.png Iron Used for armor upgrades, unit production, and blacksmithing.
T ui All Res Food 01.png Food Used to maintain your units. Famine will cause their morale and health to deplete.
T ui Vik Res Housing 01.png Housing Hard limit on the amount of squads you can field at any given time.