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Units are the way you express your love for other players, be they real or digital.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Units act on the map in squads, rather than discrete individuals. Each member of the squad has his own health pool and as the squad takes damage, it starts losing warriors. Morale can be thought as the other part of resilience, effectively another health bar, representing the squad's will to fight. You can toggle the formation type of your squads: defensive or offensive. Offensive formation is faster and more aggressive, but weak against charges. Defensive formation is more vigilant and moves slower, holding tighter guard.
  • High grass and bushes are a good hiding spot. As long as your squad stays inside it, the enemies on the outside will not see you. It can give you a significant tactical advantage. Forest is a good place to seek shelter from from arrows and mounted squads. It can also partially hide squads from enemy sight.
  • Various squad types have specific skills. Shieldmen can raise shields to protect from projectile attacks, but it lowers their overall attack, defence and view distance. Use it before attacking the ranged units, and swap back once the fight starts.When your current selection contains various squad types, only the common skills are displayed.
  • All squads capable of healing can use Med Camp skill, whenever their health is partially depleted. It can only be done while outside of combat, and squads during Med Camp are particularly vulnerable to enemy attacks. Other way to heal, is to travel (or Retreat) directly to your base - each squad heals automatically then.
  • You can replenish the squads that have lost men, in your base or any owned village. To do this, select a squad and chose a Replenish button from the Command Menu, and wait for reinforcements to join in. The cost of reinforcements depends on how many soldiers you need, but is always cheaper than recruiting a whole new squad. And on top of it, you do not lose experience and armor levels.
  • Each squad gains experience as it fights. With enough experience obtained, squads gain levels, allowing to chose one of three specializations (usually durability, damage, or speed). This choice cannot be changed later. To assign a specialization, chose a squad marked with a rotating star on its banner, and select the Specialization button from the Command Menu.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Units are precious, especially one with upgrades. If the combat looks like it's going the wrong way, consider retreating your units to rest and resupply. Losing experience and armor will hurt your war effort. Conversely, it's a good idea to have fast units in reserve to run down retreating enemies (in keeping with the traditions of the period).