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Villages are the basis of economy in Ancestors Legacy, producing resources you can feed into your war machine.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Villages provide resources for growing your nation. Manage them here by sending peasants to work or defending the attacked villages. Village buildings are vital for its functioning. With each destroyed building, the village gathers less resources. To fix a destroyed building, click on it and select Repair from its menu.
  • To capture a village, first command your squads to set it on fire, then occupy it to take it over (both actions are reflected by the status bar above the village's main building). Villages can have four levels of defense: no defense, brown, silver and gold - all reflected by the outline of village's status bar. The higher the defense, the more troops are needed to take it over, and more soldiers might die while they capture the village.Take notice, that capturing stops upon enemy soldiers entering the village.
  • Villages can attempt to defend itself if you raise an alarm. To do it, select an appropriate button from its menu. All the peasants will stop working and rush towards the warehouse, and once they are inside, they will attempt to shoot the enemies. The more peasants reach the warehouse inside on time, the higher the defenses. Once the village is safe, you need to cancel the alarm manually, so that peasant get back to work. You cannot raise the alarm immediately after calling it off.
  • If you're the new owner of the Village, then you can hire peasants to gather resources. To do this, press the one of available buttons in the Command Menu when Village is selected. Depends on the available resources, you can hire peasants to gather Wood, Food or Iron for the specified price.